Being experts in intermodal transportation, we have built a flexible warehouse model to support our business. We have specific hand selected facilities working at our disposal in key points of Spain and the rest of Europe. We only work with secure, highly qualified and modern spaces that offer indoor, outdoor, reefer and dangerous cargo specialized solutions. 

We also provide related services such as packing, repacking, preparation of goods for transport, emptying and stowage of containers. Our warehouses in Spain are authorized by the nation’s government to operate as: DA (Customs Warehouse), DDA (Separate Bonded Warehouse), ADT (Temporary Deposit Warehouse) and LAME (Export Commodities Authorized Establishment). Contact us.


All our warehouses are monitored with integrated security systems with vigilance, smoke and motion detectors and in-rack or ESFR sprinklers.


Warehouses are evolving at all times. There are constant changes in technology, agility and spacing. We are at the forefront of that evolution.

Due to our flexible model, we can locate fulfillment centers at the best place for your needs, thus optimizing costs and times. We also work in shared distribution infrastructures where companies that are alike can share trailer and warehouse space. This reduces costs and energy use without hindering speed or causing supply chain management complications thanks to our expert and highly qualified staff. If you want to know how we can satisfy your needs, ask us about your project at any time.

It is very important to be well informed about which kind of solutions are available for your business’s logistics needs if you want to avoid ugly surprises. The first difference is whether the warehouse is indoors, outdoors or semi-closed.
Outdoors storage is meant for weather resistant goods that will not corrode or erode due to exposure to the elements. This is a low cost solution when compared to other options.
Semi-open, is an outdoors warehouse that has coverage from rain (three walls and a roof). This is more commonly used as a solution for storing construction materials and vehicles.
Indoors warehousing is completely enclosed storage. It can be divided in: ambient storage (the facilities are kept at room temperature), refrigerated storage (the space is kept at cold temperatures to better conserve the goods. The many initial covid19 vaccines were kept under such conditions), bonded storage (Imported goods are kept temporarily without having to pay tax-duties. This allows the importer to re-export or sell the goods and pay the owed taxes from the benefit of that transaction), hazardous storage (these are warehouses equipped to provide storage for highly flammable, poisonous, radioactive or other forms of hazmat/IMO freight. Being that there are many possible goods typified as dangerous cargo and that they all have differences in how they should be handled, a warehouse that is prepared for one kind of hazardous material might not be able to store another) and other kinds of warehouses (those that don’t fit under a single definition due to them being prepared to handle a very specific kind of good). Each of these possible solutions might or might not fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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