You can’t be too careful when it comes to project cargo. Due to their very nature, exceptional projects require special care and extensive knowledge of the logistics business and regulations. When carried on a heavy duty truck or a flatbed on the road, for example, routes must be traced carefully to avoid obstacles that might create delays or accidents. Heavy lift cargo often presents issues when loading and unloading due to the irregular shape and frequent fragility of the goods being carried. Customs clearance can also cause hindrances if the paperwork has not been done properly, which can have terrible results when the cargo is a piece of critical importance.

These elements along with other potential complications make understanding the full range of possibilities for any given project a must if one wants to offer the best solution to a client in need of heavy lift transportation. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance to select a logistics services provider whom you can trust and that keeps you informed. Give us a call.


Our solutions cater to your particular needs while optimizing costs and time.


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In the logistics sector heavy lift is a world on its own. Energy components (like turbines, transformers or generators), floaters (yachts, barges, other ships), rolling stock (industry vehicles like cranes or bulldozers), reactors, break bulk and pressure vessels are just a few amongst a universe of possible exceptional goods. This causes every project to be unique and in need of a special solution. Strict operational planning coordination and attention are required to properly execute each project.

Analysis of routes, weather, sea state forecasts, forces, strength of cranes and large structures, leashing, stowage, sea-fastening, certifications, towage approvals, related paperwork, detailed inspection of the cargo are just a few of the many steps to take in these endeavours and it is the job of a dedicated expert to do them all in time and with excellency. We are that dedicated expert, contact us.

Ro-Ro shipping (Roll-on/Roll-off ships) refers to the transportation of goods using Roll-on/Roll-off ships. These vessels are designed to carry wheeled vehicles by loading them into the ship through ramps (hence the name). Ro-ro ships are at the front of the Intermodal cargo solution discussion because they are designed to carry functioning wheeled vehicles. They allow piggyback transport (the carrying of one vehicle with another), which is an integral part of intermodal transportation. With proper planning, time efficiency at sea can be brought to new heights by combining the advantages of sea freight shipping and those of truckage. This approach reduces environment destroying emissions but can be expensive if not properly planned and executed.

We specialize in Ro-Ro but we also handle Flo-Flo ships (Float-on/Float-off, where the freight, often other ships and marine platforms, are loaded by submerging the Flo-Flo ship and loading the cargo through floatation) and the more common Lo-Lo ships (Lift-on/Lift-off, where the freight is loaded with cranes). Contact us if you have any industrial sea projects, we don’t charge for friendly advice.

With us, you get access to Solport so that you have no worries as your shipping goes from its origin to its destination. This tool keeps you informed by allowing you to program updates whenever you need to. Not only that, you can also generate detailed reports thanks to its Microsoft Office integration. These are just some of the advantages of Solport however and not all of its features are available in every route, so feel free to contact us at any time and we will solve any doubt that you might have.

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