RSN guarantees excellency and speed in the transportation of goods by road, train or intermodal combination in Spain and the rest of Europe. We have export and import (groupage and full load) traffic weekly thanks to our diverse distribution network. The fleet that we handle can cover any demand and is up to date with all the safety and quality standards that we have established and that we believe are key to achieve the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

Our land services cover documentation paperwork too and we have set a high bar to our operations both for us and for all our partners. Working with us requires proficiency, compromise and constant optimization. Contact us.


We offer truck, train and intermodal solutions to every land shipment need in europe and the rest of the world thanks to our diverse agents and partners.


We always aim to provide the optimal solution: the fastest delivery at the lowest price with the lowest carbon emissions possible, without compromising professionality.

Road freight shipping is the best form of short quantity internal transportation of cargo due to its flexibility of routes and its lack of need for big infrastructure at the point of delivery.

Railway cargo transport is the best form of internal and external long distance shipping on land when available due to its reliability, safety, speed and cost efficiency.

Combining both constitutes intermodal continental haulage, which is the transportation of goods either by transloading containers from one vehicle to the other or by loading the truck together with the freight into a cargo train (this practice is known as railway piggyback transport or roro train). This reduces carbon emissions and combines the flexibility of trucking with the speed and efficiency of railways to get a step closer to environmental sustainability.

As one can imagine, this kind of mixture needs a lot of knowledge regarding possible routes, options at hand, contracts and regulations from the logistics agent to achieve the desired results in time reduction while maintaining cost efficiency. An experienced operator with a vast portfolio of partners is required to go intermodal and that is why most providers will just offer trucking as a possible solution for your business. Ask us if your business is apt to go intermodal.

We give you full access to our Solport platform so that you can keep track of your goods at every point of their journey. Through this tool you can see the state of your cargo from any pc or mobile with an internet connection, create updates to never miss an advancement and generate quality reports that are Microsoft Office compatible. These are just a few of Solport's features and not all of them are available in all routes, so contact us to learn more.

The need of insurance when transporting any cargo is an absolute must for all our clients (big and small) so we offer our own in case they don’t have one. You can leave behind all worries knowing that RSN is there for you and that your shipment is covered at all times. Contact us to learn more.

The size and weight of the cargo are key factors when determining the best solutions for any roadway delivery. FTL (Full truck load, the delivery of cargo through truck where the goods take up the entire loading space of the vehicle) and LTL (Low truck load, truckage where the freight occupies a portion of the vessel's load and so it can be combined with other goods that need shipping) are vastly different when it comes to time and costs. Sometimes, when goods that might take up an entire truck (FTL) can be partitioned and delivered in packages (LTL), it is possible to save a lot of money to the client by choosing the later option. Give us a call to know if you too can reduce costs.

Different countries and sometimes regions within a single nation have diverse sizes of tracks due to historical, geographic and even political differences. On some projects this is no problem at all, but on others knowing this factor is key to achieving optimal solutions. In Spain, for example, there are lines operating on the Iberic gauge track and others that operate under the international standard. Using one track or the other drastically changes costs and timing when moving cargo from and into the rest of the European Union, since the EU runs almost entirely on the international standard.
​A change in track size usually means switching trains which is a hindrance that causes delays and heightens costs. Thus, understanding the full range of options at hand for any given project is required to truly offer the best solution. That is why it is very important to choose a logistics services provider that keeps you informed and that you can trust. Contact us if you have any doubt about your project.

In the world of logistics, there is always an enormous range of possible solutions for any given need. Thanks to our vast network of agents and providers, we can always give you the optimal one to your land shipping needs. Through them we deliver regular, fragile, hazardous, refrigerated or special cargo from anywhere to anyplace at any time. Due to our all encompassing nature, we are able to put forth a large range of options for your choosing. We will always provide the solution that best suits your needs. You can test our Quick Quote Tool and see it for yourself.

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