We put forth a great range of options at your disposal. RSN does the transportation of full containers, groupage (LCL), abnormal sized cargo (open top or flat rack containers), dangerous goods (IMO),  reefers (refrigerated containers), ro-ro shipping, sea project cargo, and special operations such as cross trade and chartering and tramp.

Thanks to our vast correspondents network and all our port connections we are able to integrate the Mediterranean region worldwide. Also, due to our many already established European trade connections, we are a great referent for North, Central  and South American companies who need to export to or import from the region. Give us a call.


We give our clients full visibility of their shipping through our specialized tool.


We can handle any request due to our wide range of global working relationships with ports and agents.

Sea shipping is the best form of large quantity internal and external transportation of cargo when available due to its massive carrying capacities, safety, sustainability and cost efficiency. Due to its global reach, sea shipments have been at the spear front of intercontinental commerce ever since ancient times and port cities have always been key strategic places for trade and progress. Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Río de Janeiro, London, Hamburg, Cape Town, New York, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Sydney, the importance of these places is not casual. We work in all of them, get in touch.

When you contract the RSN Sea service you get free access to Solport to follow your goods during their entire journey. With this tool at your disposal you will be able to*:

º Keep track of your shipment 24/7 from port to port through any computer or mobile.
º See valuable performance indicators in real time.
º Program alerts to receive as many updates as you need.
º Perform cross platform monitoring through Solport's Microsoft Office integration.
º Generate a detailed analysis of the implemented solution to then optimize your business.

* Some of these elements might be limited or non available on certain routes or projects.

If you want to know more about Solport and our sea freight shipping solutions, contact us for free.

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